View Full Version : BOUGHT Crochet créations - Spécial grands ouvrages (Crochet creations - Big projects)

03-18-2009, 02:42 PM
Ok, so.

It started with this:

I asked a friend if he wanted a scarf. Because I ask many friends if they want a scarf, most say yes.
Pattern, color, everything was spoken about.

Problem: Getting yarn.
I'm on a tight schedule right now, so when I could go to a yarn shop, it's closed. In between, I've been to my LYS twice, and twice it was closed... Seriously, I'm wonderin whether it's down,...

Anyway, today, I went to another shop that also has yarn, but not a huge choice.
Bought the colors most close to those he wished for (wasn't obvious.... with THAT little choice...)

Then I saw they also had crochet and knitting magazines.
And my eye fell on this peculiar magazine, called "Crochet créations (Hors série) - Spécial grands ouvrages". (Crochet creations - unique - special edition on big projects)

Caught my eye because most crochet projects I start are finished quite quickly, so I wanted something that lasted longer. Big projects seems quite able to do so.

So, I bought it.
It was bed-covers, tableclothes, plaids,...
There are a few very beautiful patterns, but I'm afraid by the complexity of it... Crochet patterns tend to be more complex than knitting charts...

But I think I'll attack this sometime soon. cloud9

It's my first "real" crochet magazine... I'm a little nervous ... :)