View Full Version : Pattern missing a step, or am I messing up?

03-19-2009, 04:06 PM
I have tried to knit a round dishcloth. A friend of mine has tried knitting the same one and has had the same problem on every one she has tried. I am thinking there is a step missing in the pattern. Once we complete the first 3 sections (and they turn in the same direction), the fourth section ends up not turned in the direction to complete the circle. Does this make sense?! If anyone can give pointers on how to accomplish a finished one, I'd be so grateful! I hate not being able to figure it out. Here is the pattern:
Cast on 15 sts.
R1: k3, yo, k to within 1 st of end
R2: turn, k back to end (16 sts)
R3: k3, yo, k to within 2 sts of end
R4: turn, k back to end-17sts
R5: k3, yo, k to within 3 sts
R6: turn, k back to end- 18 sts
R7: bind off 3 sts, k to within 4 sts
R8: turn, k back-15sts
R9: k3, yo, k to within 5 sts
R10: turn, k to end-16 sts
R11: k3, yo, k to within 6 sts
R12: turn, k to end-17sts
R13: k3, yo, k to within 7 sts
R14: turn, k back to end-18 sts
R15: bind off 3 sts, k to within 8 sts of end
R16: turn, k back to end-15 sts
R17: k3, yo, k to within 9 sts
R18: turn, k back to end- 16 sts
R19: k3, yo, k to within 10 sts
R20: turn, k back to end- 17 sts
R21: k3, yo, k to within 11 sts
R22: turn, k back to end- 18 sts
R23: bind off 3 sts, k to end
R24: turn and k back

Start over with R1 and repeat 24 row pattern 5 times (6 patterns in all). Bind off and sew seam end.

03-19-2009, 06:12 PM
That looks like a variation of something I've done before (http://www.groupepp.com/dishbout/kpatterns/petal.html) but with some variation; but I can't tell just by looking at it whether or not it would work.

By first three sections, do you mean that you've done 1-24 three times (so half of what's needed), or do you mean that you've done 1-8 (one set of add-three-then-bind-off) and 9-16 and 17-24 and the problem comes when you try to loop back to 1?

03-19-2009, 09:04 PM
After the first half (3 complete sections), the fourth is the mess up. The first 3 sections all turn the way it should. So I know I am completing the sections properly. I do the same when I start #4, but it turns in the opposite direction.:wall:

03-19-2009, 09:21 PM
What is the name of the pattern?
Where did you get it?

03-19-2009, 09:27 PM
It was given to me. It just says a round dishcloth.

03-19-2009, 10:20 PM
What I'm visualizing with this pattern (biased by the pattern that I worked) is that odd numbered rows are knit from the outside in, and even numbered rows go back out to the edge. (Unless I have it backwards and the odd numbered rows start in the center?)

Regardless: when you get to the fourth one (that comes out backwards), are you maintaining that direction, or does it get flipped? I'm wondering if maybe there's a row being left out.

(Actually, it might be worth checking the direction at the beginning of each row, to make sure it's not alternating.)

03-20-2009, 08:02 PM
This sounds sorta like the FourCorners Dishcloth. had a problem with it, part of it turned the wrong way, in fact it was kinda zig-zaggy .i started it over several times. Finally, i worked it side by side with my daughter and it came out fine. Can't find the pattern now, but maybe if you try googling Four Corners Dishcloth,you could find a better way to do this pattern.hope it helps. linknit41