View Full Version : Need help tinking in Magic Loop

04-19-2009, 07:53 PM
:aww: So I decided to knit up Knitty's Breeze socks (http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer07/PATTbreeze.html) while I wait for the yarn to arrive for my Duckies.. I had to improvise the gusset - just used basic ML gusset construction to complete it and finish the decreases. I finally got the gusset all completed and realized that on the foot/pattern part of my sock, I had made an error and must have decreased in the previous round. :waah: So I tinked back the pattern stitches (the front needle) but cannot figure out how to tink back the sole stitches (the back needle) so that I can get back to the previous round. ARGH! Can some kind soul please help me figure this out? I'd really like to get past this and finish these socks. Thanks in advance! :notworthy:

04-19-2009, 09:00 PM
I know this is overkill for what you are doing but the surgery (http://rosemarygoround.blogspot.com/2008/04/lace-surgery.html) is the same.