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05-07-2009, 11:24 PM
Looking for Rhode Island knitters! Come to where KNIT HAPPENS! :knitting:
It's a social knitting group where stitchers of all skill levels gather together on a regular basis to KNIT 1, TALK 2! We meet weekly for "group fiber therapy" and spend a few hours working on our projects in a very pleasant, comfortable, non-retail environment where we all take pleasure in our needlework, helping each other with patterns and projects, swapping yarn, ideas, patterns and experiences, sharing techniques and tips, showing off finished objects, enjoying each other's company, and developing new friendships! Whether you're knitting for yourself, your friends, your family or for charity, you'll have so much fun, you'll look forward to the next time when we will K2TOG!

Visit our website http://www.Khappens.com. In addition to information about our knitting circle in Rhode Island, it contains pages full of resources, such as for knitting as therapy, links to free knit patterns, links relating to yarn and supplies, online knitting help and knitting for charity. Email address is K1T2@Khappens.com.

Anyone interested?