View Full Version : Would like to try sock knitting

05-29-2009, 12:03 AM
Hi All,
I would love to try my hand at knitting socks. My problem however, is, I don't care much for the idea of using dpn's, and the two circ needle technique sounds confusing. I was wondering if there is a way I can knit socks one at a time on one circ needle. Any patterns for a newbie on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, so much in advance. Happy knitting all!!


Jan in CA
05-29-2009, 01:16 AM
That's called Magic Loop Knitting. I find it more confusing than two circs, but some people prefer it. Here's the KH video. Learn the technique before you try it on socks is my recommendation.

Here's another sock tutorial I found.


05-29-2009, 10:13 PM
Thank you so much for your quick reply!! I think between those two sites you had mentioned will greatly benefit me. Hopefully, with a little bit of luck, I'll be able to make a pair. Crossed Fingers