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06-16-2009, 10:18 AM
Hi my name is Lisa, Im not sure if im doing this post right but i just started my first project and im not really sure what im doing. im trying to knitt a baby blanket...i thought it would be the simple and just alot of the same thing....but i am confused about the directions. i learned garter stitch as my first type of stitch. it says to knit 5 rows...then it goes on to say "keeping the first and last 6sts of each row in garter st (k each row), work in pattern st, beg with Row 1, until piece measures 32'' from beginning, ending after Row 4. Knit 5 rows. Bind off loosley on next row."

so im confused if it says garter stitch 1st and last 6 what was i doing in the beginning and how do i k each row? if u can tell me what i am doing wrong or if im on the right track...i would really really appreciate any help i can get i am all ears wise ones!!!!

06-16-2009, 10:23 AM
That means that you'll continue the garter stitch border just on the 6 sts at each end of every row. So knit 6, do the stitch pattern to the last 6, knit them, turn and knit 6, do the WS of the stitch pattern to the last 6 and knit them. The pattern stitch must not be all knit in the middle, but you can knit all rows instead if you want.

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06-16-2009, 10:36 AM
Don't panic, it sounds like you're off to a good start if you've done 5 rows of the same stitch. Garter st is actually the name of what the sts look like when you knit rows back and forth. So what you've actually learned is the KNIT st, and that using it back and forth makes up rows of GARTER st.

It sounds like your blanket will have garter st on all 4 sides, but some other stitch pattern in the middle. To keep the garter st pattern on the sides after the first 5 rows of all knitting, you need to knit the first 6 and the last 6 stitches on every row. When you're near the end of your blanket, your last 5 rows will be all knitting again, not the other pattern st, to make garter st at the end of the blanket.

It helps us help you if you could link the pattern or at least show us a picture of what it will look like.

06-16-2009, 10:58 AM
Your blanket has a garter stitch border with some pattern in the middle. Maybe thinking of it as a frame might help - you've made the bottom part of the frame, and now you're ready to start the "picture" - but you still have the frame to knit up the sides.

Your frame is 6 stitches wide. You knit 6 stitches of the frame, knit the picture, and then finish up with 6 stitches of the other side of the frame. You may want to put stitch markers (little round plastic circles) to mark where the frame is.

In other words...
Row 6: Knit 6, do your pattern until you have 6 stitches left, knit 6
Row 7: knit 6, do your pattern until you have 6 stitches left, knit 6

Your pattern must have at least 4 rows to it, which means your knitting would be, more specifically, like this...
Row 6: knit 6, do row 1 of pattern until last 6 stitches, knit 6
Row 7: knit 6, do row 2 of pattern until last 6 stitches, knit 6
Row 8: knit 6, do row 3 of pattern until last 6 stitches, knit 6
Row 9: knit 6, do row 4 of pattern until last 6 stitches, knit 6
Repeat rows 6-9

If you think this is too much for your first project, you can also keep knitting in garter stitch until the blanket is the size you like - it will still be nice. I would buy an extra ball or 2 of yarn, though, since garter stitch uses a lot of yarn.