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07-16-2009, 04:06 PM
I've been looking on ravelry for the past 2 hours for a sock pattern. i just got some knitpicks sock yarn and i'm dieing to use it. I need something that explains things out, like silver's sock class. the problem is i've done her socks on dpns before and they were beyond huge on me. i have size 5 1/2 feet. i have no idea how to edit the pattern to be smaller either...someone save me!

07-16-2009, 05:11 PM
its ok socks are easy....once you "get it" they are just a tube with a couple of detours.

1) DO A GAUGE SWATCH!!! if you dont, the sock WILL NOT come out the size you want it to.:fingerwag:

2) Measure your foot. you need 2 measurements.
a. length (toe to heel)this is your "length" measurement
b. take a piece of string, stand on it at the widest part of your foot and bring it up to meet each other. measure that. this is your "circumferance measurment.
c. write those measurements down. they are the other key to your perfect sock.

3) take your measurement from spi (stitches per inch) and multiply it by the "string" measurement. heres where the options start coming in. if you like a snug fitting sock...take ten percent off of the answer to the "string" measurement and cast on that many stitches.
whether you start from cuff or toe is up to you. (if you need help with that lemme know) the circumferance is the same on the body of the foot as it is on the cuff.

4) the "length" measurement is to help you figure out how long to make the cuff or foot. just multiply the rpi(row per inch) and the length you want to make each of these and thats how many rows you have to go. but if you make your sock toe up, you really dont need this measurement cuz you try on your sock as you go and therefore will stop when you deem it nessesary. But its still good to have it for times when you dont have the lucky recipiants foot to try it on.

the options are ENDLESS... if you have a pattern you want to make, you simply have to use the pattern as a guideline. in other words... just use its parts not their numbers. insert your numbers in where they are called for in the pattern. dont let the size of a sock pattern stop you from making it.

i was scared of making socks too...they just look so darn complicated!!! :oo: but after making my first one...i got the concept and found it was more annoying to try to use a pattern. so i dont anymore, and i make alot of socks.

YOU CAN DO THIS!! I, as well as anyone else here,:grphug: have the utmost confidence in ya!!! we are but a message away!!!
so go get to swatchin!!:knitting:

lemme know if you need anything else. like toe up, top down?, what heel?, ect, ect. :help:


07-16-2009, 06:02 PM
And if all that fails, you don't have to knit socks with sock yarn -
mitts/fingerless gloves

07-16-2009, 06:23 PM
Some here on KH gave me some great advice on length. The length of the sock is about 1" more than the shoe size. So yours would be 6.5"

Don't forget to swatch ;)

I LOVE socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-17-2009, 09:16 AM
Try Knitty's Universal Toe Up Sock Formula. It can be found on ravelry. It tells you exactly how to measure your foot as well as how to use several different weights of yarn. That pattern is written for toe up though, but you could easily convert it to cuff down.