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10-05-2009, 10:09 AM
Well I have come to the point where I really want a double treadle wheel & in order to do so I’m going to have to sell this fantastic single treadle Fidelas so that I will have the cash for my double treadle. I purchased this wheel from Jan and will be sending the 3 bobbins and the lazy kate along with it, it’s in fantastic shape as I’ve probably only spent about 24 hours of actual spinning time on it. I purchased this wheel mainly to see how I liked spinning, I love it & this wheel is great!
$200 includes shipping to the lower 48 states, paypal please or cashiers check. If you live elsewhere please let me know and I’ll calculate shipping.
yarn on bobbin is just for photo purposes, this is all I’ve used the wheel for, 1 bobbins worth, I’ll remove it before shipping.

10-06-2009, 01:32 PM
Just a little more info taken directly from the website, heavenly handspinning.com

Fidelis (Faithful) A custom handcrafted spinning wheel that we’ve engineered to be a simple and beautiful addition to your home. Fidelis’frame is made completely out of hand-selected red oak and is doweled and screwed together for a rigid, solidly constructed unit. Fidelis is delivered to you completely assembled less the spoked wheel. Out of the box you’ll be up and spinning in no time.

On all Heavenly wheels, we use a spoked, precision ball bearing wheel for it's maintenance free aspect.

The flyer is made of red oak as well - with easy to adjust spring clips to make level winding quick and easy. The flyer shaft is aluminum and very attractive against the red oak frame. The orifice of the flyer is 9/16 of an inch in diameter for an easy feed at any angle.

Heavenly Handspinning's bobbins are very large for a wheel this size. The bobbin is 3 inches in diameter and has a 6-inch long core and is capable of holding in excess of 6 oz. Each bobbin has 66-nylon oil impregnated bearing so that there is no wear on the flyer shaft. You get three combination bobbins of 6:1, 9:1 and 13:1 ratio on each bobbin. These large bobbins make plying a breeze.
Spin wool roving, alpaca, angora, silk or whatever you choose or a combination of all of those. Make yarn for the project needed from lace to bulky or both. Do not let anyone convince you that you can no spin fine, lace weight yarn on a wheel with Irish tensioning. Fine, sock yarn is all I spin and so do a lot of my customers.

Fidelis is small and compact. She is a wonderful wheel and a great traveler.

Fidelis offers the following:

Single Drive - Irish tensioning

3 HH's bobbins that hold a minimum of 6 ounces with 6:1, 9:1 and 13:1 ratio

Each bobbin has a nylon 66 oil impregnated bearing - for no wear on the flyer shaft

Threading hook that hangs attached to the side of the front maiden

Weighs little less than 8 pounds

Orifice height is 24 inches and the diameter is 9/16ths of an inch wide

Height is 28 inches x 16 and 1/2 inches wide x 14 inches deep

02-02-2010, 05:05 PM
Is this wheel stil available?

02-02-2010, 07:31 PM
Is this wheel stil available?
No I'm sorry the wheel is sold, was sold in a couple weeks. I thought I posted that somewhere, but guess not.