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01-07-2010, 08:40 PM
Some things are just too good not to share.........

The scene....
My friend was at work today and one of her co-workers came in with a hat and scarf on. She went crazy and took 3 or 4 pictures (with her phone) and called me....

ACT 1: (read this kinda fast, she was excited)
"Melissa, my coworker came in today and had the most ADORABLE hat on!! You've GOT to make it for me!!! How much would you charge me??? I want to go with you to get the yarn cuz i want to pick out the co......."

WHOOOAAAA!!! slow down Annette!!! I need to at least see a pic or something.

"Ok I took 4 pics ill email them to you. She said her grandma knitted the hat and scarf for her for Christmas so I know you can knit the hat. You PROBLY have a pattern for one of these hats in one of the thousand books you have." (:aww: )(she didnt have to tell EVERYBODY lol)

ACT 2:
I came to KnittingHelp.com to see if any of you would have something that looks like this....

It looks to me like it was knitted with chennile(cant spell)so i at least have that much taken care of....

Imma go look in my pattern books, but I dont recall seeing anything that looks like that...I would imagine i could come up with something but i would rather have a pattern.

Im sure this has happened to you guys before....It would be fun to hear your stories too....

01-08-2010, 02:54 PM
The shape of the hat I think of as a cloche hat.

Here are some, though maybe not the right guage to make it in a chennile yarn--