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05-11-2010, 01:30 PM
I am making the Man's Th-thong from knitty.com. And I am stuck on this instructions on the short rows. Can someone help me understand what I am supposed to be doing??
Beg short rows as follows:
*K to last 2 sts, wrap next st and turn.
P to last 2 sts, wrap next st and turn.
K to last 3 sts, wrap next st and turn.
P to last 3 sts, wrap next st and turn.
Cont as est until 3 sts are wrapped at each end of row and 1 st at each end remains unworked.
Work across 2 rows picking up wrapped sts at both sides of work and unworked sts.
Rep from * 16(18, 20) times while AT THE SAME TIME , M1 on each side of st marker every 4th row (counting rows up center of pouch) to 52[56, 60]sts.
Next RS row: K across, CO 50[53, 56]sts, remove waste yarn at back strap and K across those 18 sts, CO 50[53, 56]sts. 170[180, 190]sts
Join and work in the round until band measures 1.5" from CO sts.

so my questions are:
1. I continue the pattern across until I hit 10? such as kto the last 4 sts, wrap st and turn,until I get through 10? on either side of the marker?
2. What does it mean until 3 sts are wrapped at each end? should I only be doing it for a total of three times and not all ten??

I appreciate it. I am really stuck and I need to get this done for the joke this weekend!!

05-11-2010, 05:28 PM
I don't see '10' anywhere in that pattern, so I don't know what you mean, though yes, the next 2 rows you should work until the last 4 sts. It should take 6 rows until you have 3 wrapped sts at the end of each row and there's an unworked st at each end. Then go on to the next set of instructions which is picking up the wraps.