View Full Version : Need odd mix match balls of leftover yarn

10-30-2010, 05:45 PM
Hi all,
I began a baby blanket on October 7th and had a few questions that were quickly answered here. Plus I watched the very informative videos to help my reminder how to pedal the rusty bicycle:teehee: So I am now with my 1st seed border done and 1 skein of pattern complete and just starting the next skein with 13" of blanket done.
I live next door to Cherrydale Elementary School in Steilacoom, WA and was asked by the staff if I knew anyone with spare balls of yarn for one of their volunteers to knit winter hats from. These hats will be provided to all of the qualifying children on our "Free Lunch Program" being 25% of the students. We always donate many coats, lots of clothing, backpacks and student learning & teacher's aids to this school as one of our charities. Giving direct is so much more rewarding to the soul and no waste to a middle man:thumbsup:
So if anyone has spare yarn kicking around and they want to toss a ball at me, I sure would like to get hit with them.
Many thanks in advance and happy knitting to you all.:grphug:
Karen Duggins