View Full Version : Toying with dance as a therapy

11-28-2010, 08:10 AM
Some of the schools offering Dance Classes In New York (http://www.youshouldbedancing.net/) have strived to introduce dance therapy as a tool to properly heal the infirmities in body and mind. A few of the new dance forms can be adapted to suit dance therapy. It is now possible to help certain sclerosis afflicted people and other patients to get out of a chair without a stick, and even this little success tends to promote confidence. (It needs to be considered that even the astronauts have found that using the weight of the head is the best way to facilitate walking on the moon).

But to master this option, certain simple steps can be taken. For sitting down in a chair, we never consider that the old stage tip of merely feeling with the back of our knees was enough. If we analyze it more carefully, most people have one leg about two-thirds over to one side of a chair when sitting.

So it is better to start by sitting in the chair the way you intend to sit later. Notice how you sit and where your each foot is. Get up and approach the chair if necessary, by the exact number of paces you took to get away from it. (The precision of foot-work is similar to that needed in the long jump, when you must learn to strike the take-off board). As you go towards the chair, put the correct foot two-thirds over the space between the two front legs of the chair.