View Full Version : snowboardhat with dangling ropelike cables

01-06-2011, 08:56 PM
Before the holidays i ran across a snowboard style hat that had long ropelike cables coming out of it all over. Now that the holiday madness is past, I can't locate the pattern. Anybody know where I can find this pattern? Thanks.

Jan in CA
01-06-2011, 09:38 PM
All over the hat? :??

01-07-2011, 05:16 AM
do you mean I-cord?
I mean: long knit strings that are hanging of like thick yarn ends?

I saw a pineapple hat somewhere before the holidays, that someone discussed here... orange with green. I think the person was asking what price that should sell for... but a pattern? Not me. Sorry.

01-08-2011, 02:17 AM
All over the hat? :??

Yes they dangled all over. sort of like that dread one that Kody May has only cables. A kind of jester hat on steroids. Thanks for your interest.

Jan in CA
01-08-2011, 02:24 AM
If you're on Ravelry (free to join) this one might work.

Or this one..

If you need the rope things longer you could do that.