View Full Version : Ceramic cookware aka greenpans

03-22-2011, 03:52 PM
Is anyone familiar with the new ceramic cookware? It's supposed to be much safer and healthier for you than traditional non-stick (such as teflon, etc).
I'm looking for something safe, healthy, reliable, durable, etc. to hopefully replace a worn out non-stick (HAH!) egg pan (small skillet). With the peeling, it's no where near safe to use anymore.

03-23-2011, 06:23 PM
I don't know about that green pan but I just got rid of all my Tefal teflon pans and bought a set of stainless steel. It cleans up really good. Even burnt on stuff comes off with just a dish cloth after a good soak. I got mine on Ovrstock for less than $80.

03-24-2011, 09:48 AM
I have a couple of these ones (https://www.orgreenicsale.com/?mid=750203). I'm not usually a fan of those "As Seen on TV" infomercial type products, lol, but these have really been great!

Personally, I don't see myself going back to teflon type products as I've been very happy with the performance of the ceramic. I do also have a few pieces of stainless steel cookware, and they are great for some things, but as far as non-stick goes I think the ceramic is FAR superior. I'd definitely recommend trying one out to see if you like it! :thumbsup: