View Full Version : To slip or not to slip..that is my questions!

04-16-2011, 08:47 PM
I read recently that you could slip a stitch at the front and at the end of the row on a dishrag making it easier to crochet the edges. Would this also work for pieces that you have to seam together??? Like a baby hat that I am working on now. I am very satisfied with my knitting, but am never very pleased with my seaming. It seems like this would be an easy way to see exactly where to seam the edges together. Would it just look silly???


04-16-2011, 09:41 PM
You wouldn't slip at the beginning and end--one or the other.

It does make a nicer edge and makes it easier to seam.

If you're not happy with your seams, though, have you tried mattress stitch? Marvelous!

04-16-2011, 10:11 PM
I do like mattress seamming. I have done it a few times when I've had to seam stockinette pieces together. The hats I've been making are mostly garter stitch except for the tops that have a leaf pattern and little "stem". You can't mattress stitch garter can you???

Hmmmm. So you only slip on one side because you slip on the other side on the way "back" across the row???

Thanks for your help.

04-16-2011, 11:54 PM
I use mattress for everything. With garter, you can either pick up only the knit rows or pick up the purl loops of the purl rows as well.

If you were to slip the first and last stitch of every row, you'd never knit those end stitches, right? Might cause a bit of a problem. :teehee:

04-17-2011, 09:33 PM
You can slip both the beg and end sts of one row, but would need to knit or purl them on the alternate row. Or slip either the first or last st on every row.

04-18-2011, 08:39 AM
Some knitters slip the first stitch of every row out of habit. This gives you a nice chain edging. Brioche stitch slips the first stitch and it looks fabulous on both sides. Brioche is good for reversible scarves and cotton dish/wash cloths. When they get wet, they're nice and cushy.

I try to avoid seaming as much as possible. I'm lazy and mine never looks good. I do mittens, hats, and sleeves in the round. This is especially important to knit seamless in baby garments where the baby might have to lie on a seam, like newborn or preemie hats.