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08-11-2012, 12:41 AM
Hello Everyone,

The online magazine The new Twist Collective is up. http://www.twistcollective.com/2012/fall/magazinepage_01.php

08-11-2012, 12:57 AM
Oh, I love the first design with the bees, "Praline" and "Osage"

Jan in CA
08-11-2012, 01:23 AM
The first one I saw was Queen Bee with bees. My friend is making that one. I love the fair isle pullover, Fara. Probably won't ever make it, but do love it. :lol:

08-11-2012, 03:19 AM
I didn't see much that interests me in this issue! :pout:

Just one...for sure: Barberry. (http://www.twistcollective.com/collection/component/content/article/100-fall-2012-patterns/1225-barberry-by-kristen-rengren)

It's a mother/daughter/son set (http://www.twistcollective.com/collection/cart_images/fal_12/barberry_z_500.jpg) of cabled, hooded cardigans! Really really cute!

I might knit this set for my granddaugther, and her year-and-a-half old son, my great-grandson!


08-12-2012, 12:24 AM
The Queen Bee is actually the adult version of the childs sweater The Bees Knees (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-bees-knees). I have my eye on the Sorrel (http://www.twistcollective.com/2012/fall/magazinepage_035.php)socks, Pussy Willow (http://www.twistcollective.com/2012/fall/magazinepage_036.php)shawl, and the article Shaping in Pattern (http://www.twistcollective.com/2012/fall/magazinepage_059.php).