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12-22-2005, 04:14 AM
hey everyone!
i'm having trouble with this scarf pattern in the book scarf style, the pattern is called backyard leaves--maybe one of you knows it already. anyway, the author says that she has added a border of slip-stitch double knitting to keep the edges from rolling. however, the instructions as how to do that are not included and only the lace pattern itself is provided. i would really like to make this scarf as a present for a friend, but i can barely understand it! can anyone help? I know i already posted this same message at another forum, but i'm hoping someone here can help.

12-22-2005, 10:12 AM
Hey :waving: I've knit the BYL scarf and I understand what you mean by being mislead by what is written. Just follow the chart & u will do fine. You will see the border that she is referencing as u continue in the pattern it's created as u work the 1st 3 sts in the chart. As long as you follow the chart you will be fine.
I took my book to Kinko's and had the chart size increased, then I highlighted the knit rows & left the purl rows blank. I also made an enlarged copy of the key for the chart symbols & taped it in my knitting notebook so I could reference it when needed. Oh, and I use a magnetic board & always have a magnetic strip above the row that I am working on which makes reading the chart much easier, the same can be done with a post it or somethin...it's just a tool to help me keep my place ;)
Have fun, it's really fun to knit :cheering: :cheering: