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01-14-2006, 02:42 PM
I totally forgot about my cousins birthday! Unfortunately I can't just go and buy something, cause I told her I would knit her a sweater(not the ugly one she asked me to knit-red and covered with green bobbles :shock: ).
Anyway, we're celebrating the birthday on the 22 of January and I don't actually have time to knit much. There's where I need your help. I already have the yarn, which knits up at a gauge of 13sts X 22rows(4inchX4inch). But I can't find a pattern. It can be really basic, only stockinette and garter. I will embroider something on it or use a decorative edge.
I don't know about Us sizes, but her german size is 104, which I found out to mean that she's approx. 104cm high and has a chest circ. of 55-57cm.

I would really appreciate some help!
Thanks for reading :thumbsup:

01-14-2006, 02:58 PM
Here (http://www.islandchild.net/sizing.cfm?more=&page=sizing) is a conversion chart that can help you search US sized patterns.

www.knittingpatterncentral.com has a large selection of patterns for girls clothing.

01-14-2006, 03:36 PM
You could use this generator (http://www.knittingfool.com/index.cfm) to generate a pattern based on her size and your yarn/gauge....

01-14-2006, 03:59 PM
Thanks for your help!
The generator reminded me of this site:http://www.woolworks.org/patterns/raglan.html
Has anyone done this before? I'm worried about the neck width since kids have big heads, don't they?
Any advice on that?

01-15-2006, 09:57 AM
What I would do is look at some childrens' raglan patterns and see if the number of neck stitches is close to what you come up with when you figure it out this way.