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01-31-2006, 02:02 AM
On this pattern:


How do I count which stitch is the center one? I am confused because I am increasing. Is the center stitch on the first row always the center? Or do I count each row and find the center of each row?

And....for the "K3 In center stitch" ......Do I just knit on the same loop without taking the loop off the left needle? Am I doing that right?


Jan in CA
01-31-2006, 02:53 AM
It looks since you CO 9 that the 5th stitch would be the middle one on the first row, etc. However it's not making a lot of sense to me so I'm sure someone who's more awake right now can help you out soon. ;) :rollseyes:

01-31-2006, 07:25 AM
I made that ... it came out OK , but a little wonky ..... You count to the center stitch in each row.. I think that is why mine is a little off, I got lazy and "guessed" a couple of times. I was sure wishing the pattern was completely written out .... row by row. It has been a while since I made this but I think I remember that it DOES NOT start looking like a heart for a while :) kind of bunchie on the needles. Yes, knit all three stitches in the center stitch before moving it to your right needle. Just keep going ... row to row .... I was SURE it was going to end up a tangled mess, but it came out a heart! I kept saying what Ingrid says over and over .... trust the pattern, trust the pattern !