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02-09-2006, 04:55 PM
I was looking for a picture of Alice Starmore's sweater from TUdor ROses called Elizabeth and came across this website but its in German. Lots of cool stuff.


02-09-2006, 04:57 PM
She does beautiful work! I want some of those patterns. :thinking:

02-09-2006, 05:05 PM
I recognize "eBay" in German! :lol:

02-09-2006, 05:11 PM
it translates faaaaaaaaaairly well through here.


02-11-2006, 08:48 AM
Maby this will help knitting school (http://www.grannys-garret.com/knit/how_to/knitting_how_to_English.html)

02-11-2006, 12:58 PM
it translates faaaaaaaaaairly well through here.


Cool site!! THanks! Now if I can just figure out how to knit this sweater :rollseyes:

02-15-2006, 01:30 AM
it's pretty easy, if you look close, and squint at the letters, you can make out in the blurbs under each pic, rebecca, or berocco, rowan, etc... the names of where the patterns are from (hehehe at the squint part), if you are talking about the first one, the "renaissance sweater", that's a teva durham pattern, if I am not, mistaken, it is from one of the past issues of interweave knits magazine?...Just remember, English is a Germanic language, so even if you sort of sound out the words, you can sort of make sence of what it is saying, also some words are the same, and ALOT of them are very similar, jsut sllepeded knid of fnuny.(haha, get it?)

tihs is an inetretsnig tcrik, yuor bairn can unsrlmbcae the wrods as lnog as the frist and lsat ltters of teh wrod are in the crroect palce

editing: patterns from the german blog:
1. reniasance sweater by teva durham from the winter 2002 interweave knits
2. chevron socks http://sockit-to-me.blogspot.com/2005/05/chevron-sock-pattern-available.html
3.Wallis from rowan #38 http://www.knitrowan.com/html/magazines_slide_show.asp?productCode=ZM38&serial=61&slideSerial=497
4. ponco from vogue ponchos http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1931543798/002-4121926-3479219?v=glance&n=283155
5.shawl this pattern from berroco but in mohair to make it lacey http://www.berroco.com/214/214_toronto_pv.html
6.raglan, pattern from rebecca http://www.rebecca-online.de/cont_en/
7.jacket, also from rebecca mag, see above link
8.poncho, also from vogue ponchos see above link
9.pullover, from verena magazine http://www.onefineyarn.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=VER200504&Category_Code=PAB_VERENA
10. green pullover, from the book "tudor roses" http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0962558680/002-4121926-3479219?v=glance&n=283155
11.red pullover, also from above, see above link

ok i'm done !gotta go to bed
hope that helped

02-15-2006, 03:41 AM
I went to her home page - even German bloggers have a 100 things list. :D

02-15-2006, 11:35 AM
Is that a "100 things about me" list, or a "100 projects I hope to finish once I get someone to do my housework and manage to take a leave of absence from my job" list? :roflhard: