View Full Version : Destash has just begun! (link to pics)

02-11-2006, 03:12 PM
Check for updates!

http://homepage.mac.com/eightball1751/destash/PhotoAlbum6.html for pictures.

Prices, amounts, gauge, etc. - all information in the pictures. I can be reached at eightball1751@hotmail.com. PLMK if you're interested!

And keep checking. I'll be adding more....

Valley Yarn Casablanca - beautiful sheen-y ribbon yarn. 10 balls in a red-yellow colorway, 5 in a blue colorway

Sequoia red yarn - 5 hanks

Schaefer Yarn Laurel in Frida Kahlo (3 hanks)

RAM yarn olive green 5 large balls

Austermann Gigi 13 balls lovely blue, 7 balls olive green (one green has been swatched)

Katia Danbio (sp?) 13 balls, not swatched but one ball got impatient and unwound a little

Cascade Sierra 4 hanks in periwinkle.

Did I leave anything out? I'll be adding.