View Full Version : Webs yarn order - opinions please

02-24-2006, 06:25 PM
I just recieved my order from webs. The color is everything I had hoped it would be. A lovely natural dark browish grey, with white hairs and flecks of light grey and rust. Lovely color!

Alas the yarn is thinner than I imagined and does not knit up as tight as I want. Also the yarn is a bit scratchy and a little sheepy smelling.

The smell goes away with a good wash. But retains a natural wool scent. I dont really mind that.

But now my question: As I said the yarn is pretty fine. Its a sport weight. I figure I have a couple of options. 1. Buy more and double it up,
2. Buy the merino/ alpaca blend in the same weight (which would alter the color), or 3. rethink my project.

I actually like this yarn. I dont want to give up on it. But softening it up would be a good thing. Still its not unappealing just the way it is either.

(its for a cabled sweater - rugged would be a good thing)

02-24-2006, 06:37 PM
I have used shetland wool for fair isle sweaters, and it is rather rough. It softens up when knit and washed. If you want this color for your sweater and like the yarn, then buy more and double it. You'll need to wear something under the sweater in the end, but it will last forever.