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04-03-2006, 03:01 AM
Didja see it tonight? :rofling: I found myself giggggggling away watching Meredith try to knit. :rofling:

oh and i would totally be knitting in the bar....assuming it is a smoke free establishment anyway! :D

04-03-2006, 05:47 AM
Yes, it was rather funny. Izzy was clearly the better knitter. :) I fell asleep before the end, though -- how'd it turn out?

04-03-2006, 08:19 AM
Every since I saw the previews last Sunday couldn't wait for this one.. I had to get tickled at her and Izzy was just a knitting away... Good to see hopefully we see more knitting!!! :D

:cheering: soo glad to see Chris O'D make his apperance tonight I see love for Meredith in the future or so I hope!! :thumbsup:

04-03-2006, 01:11 PM
I actually did knit in a bar this weekend, so that made me laugh a little. I was meeting a friend there and was there early, so I pulled out my knitting and knit away. No weird looks at all for knitting at the bar and having a drink. :)

04-03-2006, 01:16 PM
I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy in a while...looks like I need to start back ;)
LOL, I pull out my knitting wherever I am, too ;)

04-03-2006, 01:56 PM
:cheering: soo glad to see Chris O'D make his apperance tonight I see love for Meredith in the future or so I hope!! :thumbsup:

seriously! yum!

i kinda like the relationship she is having with Derek and Addison right now...funny and digging at each other...i was amused!

Jan in CA
04-03-2006, 02:15 PM
I love that show and never miss it! :inlove: I am and english knitter, but was amused to see Meredith wrapping the yarn like she was with her left hand. Talk about wasted motions. :roflhard: I somehow doubt we'll see much knitting from now on though..it seemed to be just part of the theme for tonites show.

04-04-2006, 12:52 AM
Well, if they don't show anymore knitting I won't be too disappointed-as long as Chris O'Donnel is on for more than a couple of shows! I'm not usually one for facial hair, but wowzers!! :inlove:

Oh, and how did Izzy knit that sweater do darn fast if she was on duty!? :roflhard:

04-04-2006, 03:47 AM
I loved to see them knitting :thumbsup:

Meredith said it is good for dexterity :thinking: I wonder if we will start to see sergeons picking up knitting :D

04-04-2006, 11:32 AM
Looked like Izzy was using huge needles and very fat yarn! She seems to be spending duty sitting with whatshisname who had the heart thing? I haven't seen her do much else lately. She did seem to be actually knitting, though. It was fun to see them both. samm

04-04-2006, 09:40 PM
I believe Katherine Heigl does know how to knit. I think she learned while on the set of Roswell. I heard Shiri Appleby knitted during downtimes, and I think she taught Katie how to do it.

Wow... that makes me sound really stalker-y. Is my dorkiness showing?

And most DEFINITELY YUMMY at the end!!!