View Full Version : Beyond help....

09-15-2006, 12:13 PM
Way too addictive....
I got a jumbo flyer finally ordered. Couldn't resist. It will make plying so much easier. Wax to finish my lace flyer and I'm sure the jumbo is unfinished as well. And a diz.

Other than merino I'm almost out of fiber.
:pout: So after I spin up my kool aid corriedale I'm sure I'll be ordering more....

I knitted the targhee into a lil bag to hang on my wheel. I'll post pics later of it.

Dunno what I'll make the corriedale into yet. Maybe socks or a scarf.

Tomorrow I go the a mill for re-enactment living history spinning.

I'm waaaayyyy past being stopped. No 12 step program can help me.