View Full Version : hey, guess what i did?

10-05-2006, 01:38 PM
i figure this is the place for me to tell this story. i'm in a production of sleepy hollow (one show october 28 for those in the north alabama area:) and i've been bringing my knitting with me the other night. i've recently learned and have only in the past two weeks been comfortable enought with what i'm doing that i canknit and read at the same time. so, one of the little girls there asked me if i could teach her how. i brought her some kids needles (the lion brand ones - how cute are those things?) and some of my old yarn, and she just went to town! wasn't really doing it right, but had a ball! (i'm going to keep working with her, but i was so impressed! she's not quite six!) so, now i have four other ladies in the show that are buying needles this week so i can get them started on saturday! hooray! knitting...let it spread like the plague!