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10-09-2006, 06:18 PM
So, I have been working out of the book the "weekend knitter" and have been trying the very 1st project, a washcloth in a flower petal pattern done on circs. Got thru the 5 petals, but now am stuck. The pattern says to break the yarn after each petal, so they are all seperate leaving 8 inches of a tail. Fine, did that. But then the pattern just says to join in the round. No mention of do I use the 8 inch tail to join? do I add in the ball again now? If I use the tails, there won't be enough to finish the inside round part. :wall: :wall: :wall: Has anyone used this pattern or have any frogging idea what I'm talking about???? I tried to take a pic but of course my digital camera decided that TODAY it was going to die. :gah:
The revelation part was when I decided to stop looking at that project and go on to another one. I wanted to try "Grandma's favorite dischcloth" because it looked easy. well, it was labelled easy. The revelation came from when I went to look at how Amy does the yo english style. Come to learn by example that I have been "throwing" the yarn the wrong way. Oh--- and learned the yo. :hmm: Has anyone else had a similar revelation when they've been teaching themselves thru books and then SEE someone do it and realize they've been doing it backwards/wrong??? :roflhard:

10-09-2006, 07:41 PM
You'll have to join in the round by using the yarn from your ball, not using the tails from each petal. What you could do though, is when you come to each of the tails, use that end AND your working end together for a few stitches, then drop the tail end and keep on - this will weave in each tail as you come to it and you won't have to do it later on. Does this make sense??

10-09-2006, 08:06 PM
yea, it makes sense and i was suspicious that I should do that. my main problem is that circs dont like me. they dont want to join, and when they do in this case it's really loose looking :shrug: