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10-20-2006, 04:20 AM
Hi Everyone,

Most of my time these days is spent going to "group hugs" in the Oklahoma City area. What in the world is a group hug, you ask? Well, it's where we all bring our sewing machines, 100% cotton fabric (desert colors), dehydrated polymer crystals and sew for the troops. We work all day long for our young service members serving in harm's way. We make "hugs" (neck coolers) and "kisses" (head coolers) that can cool them down by up to 5 degrees each. They save lives when temperatures top 130 in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Africa and other hot countries where we have troops deployed.

It's cooling off though right now in the Middle East so we're starting to make warm items like hats, neckwarmers and fingerless gloves. These can be knitted or crocheted out of black, dark brown or tan wool.

We also make denim school bags and flat bears that our troops pass out to the children. When our guys make friends of the kids, sometimes those little ones tell them vital, life-saving info that can save American lives. They may know where weapons are hidden, bombs are being made or I.E.D.s are in place. When they learn that our Soldiers and Marines are the good guys, they sometimes share that info. That's powerful. We know that on occasion, something as small as a beanie baby bear has saved American lives. That's a wonderful thing.

This is your chance to help make a difference in this world. Our US military marches fearlessly into the midst of the battle on terrorism.....for each one of us. They truly believe that they are standing between us and evil. Whether or not you like war (personally I HATE it!) our young sons, daughters, grandchildren and spouses deserve our love and respect and to know that we have NOT forgotten them.

Our troops love hearing from someone back home. Some of them joined the military because they didn't have a good home life and so they join the military to make a better life for themselves. But, it's really hard when all your buddies are getting mail and you don't. We try to reach out to those guys and make a difference in their lonely lives. I say guys but you know that there are many lonely young women as well. They love hearing that someone cares about them. The number one most requested item in the Middle East is letters.

The Hugs Project is in every state in the country and 17 foreign nations and we work together in group hugs and also individually in our own homes. You can write letters and send care packages directly to these dear young service members, we'll tell you how. If you have someone stationed overseas, of course, ship to them first. Info about all you need will be sent to you in an email if you write to TheHugsProject@ cox.net (take out the space please) or if you join the Yahoo group at www.TheHugsProject.com .

www.TheHugsProject.com ... because every American serving in
the Middle East deserves a "hug" from a grateful nation.

10-20-2006, 05:33 PM
That's awesome! I've heard of the Hugs Project, but didn't realize they needed knitted items as well.

10-20-2006, 09:50 PM
Oh my yes!!! We're already hearing from our troops in Afghanistan that it's in the 40's at night and soon it will be below 0. Minus teens are not unusual. After a summer of triple digits, they are freezing and they know it's only going to get worse. It will get below freezing in Iraq too.....very soon.

They could sure use anything warm that you would like to send. Handwarmers are priceless but most of all, they love having something handmade so that every time they look at it and use it, they can remember that someone cares enough for them to take the time to do that piece of home for them. It lets them know that they are NOT forgotten and after seeing what our Vietnam vets are still dealing with after all these years, you know how important that is.

Thanks for anything you can do to help. If you are near the OKC area, please ask to be placed on our OKC email update list so that you will always know where and when we will be meeting.