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10-24-2006, 06:09 PM
A friend of mine has had a streak of bad days and bad things recently and I wanted to do something special for her, so I'm making her socks. They're very simple, because I'm using Regia jacquard and I thought any stitch pattern would be overwhelmed by the colorway. Anyway, I hope she'll like them. One down, one to go!

mrs desert rain
10-24-2006, 08:15 PM
what a sweet and thoughtful friend you are. :hug: they look super comfy... and i'm sure she'll LOVE them!

10-24-2006, 08:28 PM
Can't have a bad day wearing hand knit socks! :cheering:

10-24-2006, 10:26 PM
I really do hope she'll love them. She's a knitter, too, but thinks that socks are "too hard." These are special, too, because they're my first "real" pair -- i.e. fingering weight yarn and size 2 needles. I've done socks in worsted weight on 6s before and in DK weight and sport weight, but these are my first fingering weight "real" socks. I know she'll appreciate the time that went into them and I hope it will inspire her to make the jump into making her own socks.

10-24-2006, 10:30 PM
Aren't you a great friend :cheering: Love the socks and so will your friend :cheering:

10-25-2006, 08:37 AM
Thanks. She's a special person, so I wanted to do something special for her.

10-25-2006, 09:05 AM
wow, that sure is nice of you, and the thought behind it as well, trying to boost her into making her own socks!

10-25-2006, 09:31 AM
I'm sure she will appreciate them! I love the colours!

10-25-2006, 10:28 AM
How nice of you! I agree that you can't have a bad day with such special socks on your feet. :heart:

10-26-2006, 11:08 AM
You are so sweet! The sock looks great; I'm sure she will :heart: :heart: :heart: them!

10-26-2006, 07:00 PM
There is nothing like wearing hand knit socks, it is like your feet are LOVED or something. I am wearing mine today and when I was walking to go pick up my daughter from preschool this morning I just felt like my feet were being hugged. It is a cool feeling. I could just be overly senimental and nostalgic too.