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11-08-2006, 05:58 PM
I want to make the Silk Garden color block sweater Y772 that is in vol. 20 Noro The World of Nature.

I understand the note at the beginning of the pattern that states:

Change yarn means change to a different ball
of yarn and begin at a different point in
colour unless it states to use colour from
a previous row.

However, confusion sets in once I begin working the pattern. The pattern starts;

With 5mm needles cast on as follows: 29(33,37)sts,
[change yarn and cast on 24sts]twice, change yarn
and cast on 29(33,37)sts. 106(114,122)sts. Wk patt
as follows:

Row 1: (RSF) In colours set *K2,P2 rep from *to
last 2sts, K2.

Row 2: K all K sts and P all P sts in colours set
on previous row.

Patt as set a further 16 rs.

Row 19: Change yarn and rib as set 17(21,25)sts,
change yarn and rib as set 12sts, change and using
colour from previoous row rib as set 12sts, change
yarn and rib 24sts, change yarn and rib 12 sts,
change yarn and using colour from previous row rib
12sts, change yarn and rib 17(21,25)sts.

Row 20: As row 2.

Patt as set a further 16 rs.

My question is do I drop and pick up yarn at the beginning of each colour set as defined by using a different ball of yarn at a different point of colour (this is the colour set, right?)?

So, when I begin Row 1: I K2, P2 with the first 37sts of the first colour set.

Second, I K2, P2 with the next 24 sts of the second colour set, which would be the stitches from the second ball of yarn.

Third, I K2, P2 with the next 24 sts, which would be the stitches from the third ball of yarn on the cast on row.

Fourth, I K2, P2 with the last 37sts of the final colour set, which is the fourth ball of yarn.

I would continue in this manner everytime the pattern called for me to "change yarn" When the pattern calls for me to "change and using colour from previous row", I pick up the yarn from the previous row or am I cutting the yarn and starting at a different point in colour?

Finally, because I am changing colours, do I need to weave in a lot of ends because I'm cutting yarn in order to begin at a different point in color or do you see a lot of yarn being carried over?

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions. Also, it would help if anyone can make a reference book suggestion that will help understand the pattern.

Link to The knitting Garden


Link to a Blog where she began working on the sweater.


Thank you

Patricia Duke-Smith
Chicago, IL

PS. Any recommendations for a LYS that might provide assistance. I went to look for Cheryl in Loopy Yarns but her business is booming and she no longer works in the shop.

11-08-2006, 10:05 PM
I've never knit a sweater with directions worded quite this way, but it looks like it's basically a sweater knit intarsia style, where you change colors.

You won't be cutting any yarn when you change colors. Knit with the specified number of stitches with your first ball; when you are ready to knit with the second color, the strand will be there waiting for you. Hold the strand that's in use over to the left and bring your new yarn up so it goes over the yarn you're finishing. Do this on every color change and the yarn will twist and you will avoid holes.

Amy has video on intarsia in the Advanced section. It shows how to switch the colors.

11-08-2006, 11:35 PM

After reading your reply, I looked at Kim's video on Intarsia and the little light bulb came on :happydance: . I viewed your photo gallery and your work is absolutely beautiful. I know that I have received instruction from a Master.

Now that I know the technique used to make the sweater, I will do some research in my knitting library. Thanks again

I posted a request on Knitter's Review Forum for others to join me for a Noro Silk Garden KAL in hopes of finding others wanting to learn Intarsia.