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11-15-2006, 06:39 PM
WARNING: slightly gross.

Whenever I knit in the car (as a passenger, NOT a driver!), my boyfriend tells me that I shouldn't, because he think it's dangerous. What if we get into a car accident and one of my needles spears me?

I think he has a valid point--sure, it *could* happen--but there are other possible freak accidents out there. Ball-point pens are similar in danger to knitting needles, IMO, but he's never warned me against writing in a moving car. And what about the people who eat, shave, brush their teeth, or do their makeup while commuting? The makeup and shaving tools could really be a problem in an accident. Needless to say, I still knit in the car sometimes.

Thinking about this reminded me of the weirdest freak injury I've had. I was about 12 years old and watching a ball game on TV with my family on a Saturday afternoon. My mother was crocheting and I was knitting. If I'm remembering correctly, I was using a set of aluminum US6 needles.

At one commercial break, I looked down from the TV and realized that one of my knitting needles was embedded in my knee! It wasn't very deep (maybe about 1/4"), so I yanked it out and stopped the bleeding, no problem. That was VERY strange. I had NO recollection of accidentally stabbing myself in any way. I am very clumsy but have never duplicated that, fortunately.

What are some other odd knitting accidents that people have had? Are there others who've had accidental stabbings like this too, or is it just me? :wall: