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02-09-2007, 12:59 AM
I am very new to spinning, I have wanted to try it for years.. but never got the chance until Oct. when I went to a fiber event at the local spinning/weaving/knitting shop.... and the owner had a little ashford scholar out on the porch.... I asked if she could show me how and she grabbed a ball of wool and did just that....I spent most of the afternoon having the wool jerked out of my hands or spinning something so thick it would hardly wind on the bobbin....when I left I thought hmm maybe spinning is not for me....but found myself thinking about it quite a bit....so I asked the owner of the shop if she knew of anyone that might rent me a wheel for a short while....she said I was welcome to use that little wheel as long as if she needed it for a class I would bring it back.... so I went home with it and about an 8 oz. bump of wool.... after spinning several pounds of wool I decided that I did indeed like it enough to buy a wheel.. I started looking at wheels and settled on the ashford travellor.... I got a very nice one off ebay at a very great price...
Spinning is actually the last of the, I call them old arts, I had left I wanted to try... I have been soapmaking for years now... and weaving for several years....
My original goal was to spin the flax and then weave the linen, and make a shirt from it....I have decided that was a pretty lofty goal for now... but maybe some day....
What drew you folks to spinning

02-09-2007, 11:37 AM
I kept seeing all this gorgeous yarn people were making and I became intrigued. I took some lessons at The Fold near my house and fell in love with it. I got a wheel for Christmas and I've bought a bunch of gorgeous roving.

I have not spun yet though. I'm scared of new things. I know I need to practice, I just want it to come naturally to me!

02-09-2007, 11:42 AM
I think it was just a natural progression after learning to knit. I bought a drop spindle spinning kit on Ebay. I didn't like spinning on a spindle, but I did like spinning, so I bought a Babe spinning wheel because they're cheap. That's all it took, I was hooked. My dad built my wooden spinning wheel and it barely goes a day without a little treadling!

02-24-2007, 12:40 AM
Dear ones, I use my spinning for pain management. I find if i can concentrate enough, it really helps. I find the pain is MORE managed by hand spindle than wheel but I do love my ashford traditional.
I also use it for helping me to calm down.. I really am in love with spinning. and it is hard to explain, isn't it , to people who do no needle arts at all.
I first spun over 13 yrs ago but had to quit as i was allergic to wool, but found out in Dec it was not the wool but the straw etc as I used to spin in the grease. However, I had given away my wheel. In Dec My friend marched up to my home to give it back WITH a few pounds of her lovely dorset wool super scoured!! As she walked up to my door the wheel fell and the tension broke. She felt so badly she could cry. I was shocked to see her there with wheel in hand! She kept worrying .. and I felt God would help us. My dh helped me set up a rubber band tension with string and a cup hook instead and it has NEVER pedaled better! So since late Dec i have been nuts again for spinning... it is like a long lost love.. and really helps the pain.

02-24-2007, 03:17 AM
My best friend had an antigue wheel that her mother never allowed us to touch. I think that started it. I wanted to spin before I could knit. When I got my cat, I named her Kashmir and started collecting her fur. I thought it would make a wonderful soft yarn. I looked into getting someone else to spin it thinking I'd never find a place that sold wheels. Years pass, I learn to knit because it justified spinning. Viola, an awesome LYS opened and later she offered spinning lessons and sold wheels. Which is good b/c I was gonna drive a long way just to buy one. It was kismet.

02-24-2007, 11:51 AM
I started knitting and was opened to the world of natural fibers and spinning just by searching the web for knitting sites. I had no idea that people knit with wool! I didn't even know that there were actual yarn stores :doh: Walmart was my yarn store (not that there is anything wrong with that :teehee: ) I crocheted for years before I learned to knit using Red Heart. (blech)
Anyway I saw all these peoples handspun yarn and just had to learn :)

04-04-2007, 12:39 PM
I come from an old time crafty family. I grew up crocheting, weaveing, & sewing. I tried spinning (Drop Spindle) early. A neighbor of my Great Aunts had a sheep farm. We spent one day over there and she tought me to spin and even gave me a Spindle, Carders and some wool. I was horrible at it, but I loved it. My mom wouldn't allow the smelly stuff in the house though so out on the back porch it stayed until one day it vanished. Carders, Spindle wool and all. I think it was my brothers, but they profess to this day it was the critters that lived in the woods that dragged it off to make a nest. Since then I've volunteered at a historic farm where I got to process Flax, try wheel spinning as well as many other functions of the 1800's farm life. What fun. I think I was born in the wrong era. Then a few months ago I fell in love with some batting in a store and just had to have it. So I'm back to spinning and loveing it. I'm pleasantly surprised at how well my drop spindle is working. My yarn looks much better then I ever though it would. :happydance: Now I just have to save up for a wheel. Maybe one day.

05-12-2007, 05:50 PM
I was always fascinated by spinning wheels. It seemed that every fairy tale had a spinning woman as the main character. And the wheels I saw in those books were always so beautiful. I had an image in my mind of wearing a beautiful dress, and casually letting the wool slip easily from my hands. I never really thought about the yarn much. Just the fantasy.

I learned other crafts over the years, and was always amazed by the look, feel and texture of yarns and fabrics. When I went to a museum, if they had a display of antique costumes, I was itching to touch the fabrics. I had to satisfy myself with just staring intently at the designs.

When I learned to knit, I became even more intrigued by yarn and spinning wheels. The thought of making my own yarn was very appealing to me. Plus, I wanted to get in touch with my Irish heritage. I wanted to learn the ancient craft of spinning for the history as well as the end product.

I started spinning by making a drop spindle, and buying a small bag of wool at Michaels. (It took me FOREVER to find it.) I dyed the yarn with Kool-Aid and made a little change purse. It was so FUN!

Then, lucky for me, I found a spinning wheel at a consignment store for a great price, and was surprised to see that I also got a box full of fiber and spinning equipment with the purchase. I was a very happy girl.

Learning to spin on the wheel was a difficult thing at first, but I eventually got it. I had to read lots of books, bought a couple videos, and found some online websites and videos as well. But the best way to learn was just DOING it. The more time I spent on it, the better I got.

Now, my yarn is finally looking good enough to knit with it. And Ialways enjoy the time I spend at the wheel. :heart:

05-12-2007, 09:34 PM
my Dad works at an outdoor historical museum (summer only job) and we always went out there since I was little and could sit for hours watching the lady dressed in vintage garb spinning away. I was mesmerized. but I did not start til years years later.
I bought a turkish spindle and some merino/tencel roving from Marr Haven. I was so upset I put it away for over a year, then a friend convinved me to just *try* it again, and that time it just clicked.
I think it was the turkish spindle that caused the issues. I have not touched that thing in years. *yuck*

05-22-2007, 05:09 PM
i am a very new spinner. :heart:i love it:heart:. i love craafting with my hands and hae been trying to learn to knit for a couple of years now. not until this february with the help from this site did it all click. now i knit away!... from searching for yarn and info i learned about roving and wool and hand spinning with a spindle. i had been toying with the idea of making a cd spindle ( i had everything but the rubber grommet) and then shandeh was selling them here. i bought one and she and jhenalee gave me info and tips ( and a mini lesson-thanks jhenalee! ) I am so hooked! i finished all the wool i had ( i think 2 ozs). I am so tempted to drive to my LYS to get more, but i have about 3 pounds of roving coming that i bought from ebay.
:inlove:now i want a wheel, so i can spin more... but the cost prevents this from happening. *sigh* i suppose it is possible to spindle spin enough fiber for any project, not just chucky yarn for hats...:teehee:

06-01-2007, 04:37 PM
I first learned how to knit in the fall of 2001. I had just gotten married and didn't have much in common with my mother-in-law. I saw that she liked to quilt, crochet and knit so I asked her to teach me. We've been good friends ever since!

The next fall I saw that she still had a spinning wheel and all the accessories and she was using them as decoration in her living room. She had previously owned sheep and llama (back when they were hippies) and did the entire process. She went from the back of the sheep all the way to a beautiful gansey for her husband. I was inspired!

She quickly taught me how to spin and let be borrow her wheel indefinitely. I love the meditation and the slow rhythm that just comes naturally from spinning. I also love the control that I feel when drawing and letting the roving twist in my hands. Lately I've been trying new fibers and it's been a wonderful challenge!