View Full Version : Has anyone knit this tank?

04-05-2007, 11:26 AM
It is here - http://www.spunmag.com/article/050410bevin

I have a question about size. Don't want to attempt it and then have to frog it if it's too small. It says there is quite a bit of stretch but I'm larger than the finished dimensions.

Hoping someone here can help, since I've e-mailed designer but haven't gotten a reply. Any help appreciated!

04-05-2007, 02:19 PM
That's gorgeous! I haven't made it, and don't know anything about adjusting patterns... sorry, I totally useless... but if someone else can help, I'd LOVE to make this tank! I am definitely 'larger than average' and would need to adjust the pattern a bit...

04-08-2007, 08:40 PM
Holly ~
That is so wild b/c I was looking at this pattern last night~!

I dunno if it would stretch a whold bunch or not.. I have heard that the stretchest ribbing / knitting is a K2P2 ribbing. I don't know if you substiuted the stockinette for ribbing if that would work to make it roomier? i think i would have to ask one of these more experience mods/knitters/designers if it could be done or not w/o changing the look. but I do think a K2P2 would give you a lot more room in the tank.
what size do you need it to be? :??

04-08-2007, 08:42 PM
HEY~ I just noticed that she has a blog. I wonder if you could emial her and ask HER if it could be adjusted to make it roomier? I don't know if a designer will actually do that or not but it's worth a shot~! :hug: