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04-13-2007, 09:24 PM
I try and sell my projects to fund more supplies. I have sold 3 items in 4 months! I plan on opening a Swiss bank account soon.

Because of my 'store' I've had a few ppl approach me saying they would have bought such and such if only it was 100% cotton and not the acrylic yarn I buy.

I would like baby weight yarn for now.

I shop at Joann's. There is a super store locally and I have their credit card so I earn points and I shop there online when the local store was out of a color or something.

Sugar N Cream is 100% cotton and I think it's sport weight which is close to baby weight (or maybe the same?) and that is good but the yarn isn't very soft. Also I want some 'adult' colors and bright hot pink, hot purple, neon green colors as well.

I've purchased yarn from one place on the Net besides Joanns and it was a disaster. I selected the wrong box for the color I wanted and because I can not visualize 85gm (30oz) I also got a lot less than I expected. I am used to the common size skein and keep forgeting that the more expensive yarns come in smaller skeins.

Do you know of 100% cotton yarn that is baby weight AND has adult colors? And where to buy it online?

04-13-2007, 10:29 PM
Sugar and cream is more worsted than lighter weight, but many people make baby things from it. An inexpensive cotton baby yarn available at Joanne or online is Cottontots and also one by Red Heart, Cotton plus. Lion Cotton Ease is a cotton blend, but most of the new colors aren't really baby colors. I think there's a few more, that's all that come to mind.