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04-18-2007, 06:12 PM
[size=18]Hi everyone I posted about a month ago reguarding this...I know this is a knitting forum and we are supposed to ask knitting questions but I am asking something else of you. I am walking in the March of dimes on April 29, 2007 in Philadelphia PA. I am walking for the fight against premature birth. To some that may not sound like a good cause they may say that it is a waste of time...or they may say cruel things like survival of the fittest...I have heard people say that this is not their problem so why should they care. We all should care we all should look for a cure because at the rate premature birth is growing are whole species is basically in danger if you really think about it. If we don't find a cure for premature birth or at least better ways to keep them alive we may not have to look for the cure for cancer or aids or anything else that is killing us because without babies there won't be any people to cure we will simply die out...so I think that premature birth is everyone's problem. I am just asking you to spare what ever you can everything helps nothing is too small...I think that is what our problem is we all feel that we need to give big in order to be appreciated so if all we can give is a $1.00 then we feel bad so we don't give...but the way I look at it is if 10 people gave a $1.00 the babies would have $10 working together towards a wonderful cause is a great thing....when you die and you are at the gates of heaven....god says what did you do in your life that was so great...you could say I helped save a life :angelgrin: ....it sounds a lot better then hmmm I saved a dollar :muah: If I sound like I am begging it is because I am...I am walking for my mom, my best friend and my favorite cousin, my mom and my best friend were both a month early my little cousin who is 19 months old today was born nine weeks early. I love all of them dearly and I couldn't imagine life without them. Here is an interesting read : http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?sec=health&res=950DE7DA1139F93AA1575BC0A96F948260
See what a little help may do. Thank you for taking the time to read I hope you decide to help the cause :muah:
Here is the link to the donation page :hug: