View Full Version : Something isn't right. (vent and seeking opinions)

04-27-2007, 04:15 PM
I have my little Louet-a-like that I bought a long time ago, and it is just not doing me well lately. It hasn't changed. Still has the blue painters tape (the wheel is blue, also) to help keep the dowel straight, it still spins the same. BUT, I am just uninspired by it.

It spins ok, but when I was in KC in early March I tried out some new wheels. I did it because I was finding I can't do what I want with my wheel, and was thinking of saving to get a new one. I don't get a chance here in nowhere Montana to try out wheels so I did it.

Ever since then I have been focused on the Lendrum DT. I tried out many wheels there, but that one was like butter. Portable, though heavier than others, the treadling and neverending options appealed to me. That wheel an I are meant to be.

What I mean to ask, is do you think I just fell in love with a wheel and my old wheel is just not as good, or do I just need to buy a couple more spindles and get on with it with the perfectly functional wheel I have? I want to start an Etsy store and get going, but I am just so uninspired looking at the wheel that I painstakingly stained, sanded, and spun with for some time.

I hate this. It's cutting into my tv time, since I can spin and never look at it. My knitting lately is taking more attention. I WANT TO WANT TO SPIN! :(

04-28-2007, 12:29 PM
Just my opinion, but I would go for a new one. I see no reason not to and the market for used wheels is excellent...seems like most people get about 75% of original value. You can list your used wheel for free on kbbspin.org and I've seen a few craigslist listings looking for a used wheel.