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05-05-2007, 04:31 PM
Hi everyone..

I've been knitting a total of 2 weeks and I'm so hooked !

I've recently finished my first scarf and now I'm ready to try something different .. I wanted to try a hat but I've yet to learn knitting with the circular needles and honestly I've looked at the patterns and stuff and it scares me .. I dont think I'll ever be able to master that LOL

Is there a pattern I can do on straight needles for a simple hat I love the rolled brim one and also .. a pattern for a wrap .. I thought perhaps I could make one for Mothers day but every pattern I see for a wrap is on circular needles :??

Anyways ..love the forum and I cant tell you how much the videos and stuff have helped this novice knitter!

Thanks :hug:

05-05-2007, 04:52 PM
A wrap is an oversized scarf and they're knitted flat on circulars so the needles will hold more stitches than straight needles, and because a large piece gets heavy and circs will allow it to rest in your lap more. To knit flat on a circ, just pretend the cord is a stitch holder, which it is because you're just using the tips to knit. When you get to the end of the row, turn it like you would a straight needle, pick up the other tip and knit back.

One more thing.... Welcome! :hug:

05-05-2007, 05:13 PM
Ok you made it sound to easy .. its a trap!! :?? :doh:

Thanks hehe.. I may try it now that you've made it sound so simple

05-05-2007, 05:58 PM
See we're sneaky that way.... Get you to knit something flat with circulars so you get used to them, then you can graduate to knitting in the round! Mwahahahahahaaa....