View Full Version : Back to Spinning

05-23-2007, 11:11 AM
I was working on a large project and didn't want to do anything else until it was done. Well - it's finally done and I'm back to spinning at least 2 nights a week. I posted a couple pictures of my first try with alpaca roving on my blog:


It's so soft!

05-23-2007, 11:59 AM
:heart:beautiful spinning! i scrolled through your blog, very nice! i liked your blue aran blanket. and that picture of your son eating cake! he looks so excited and too cute. we just celebrated dd's first birthday too, but she wasn't too excited about the cake, mostly just the balloons:teehee: and wow, thats too cool abut your MIL just giving you a spinning wheel! lucky you! ( p.s. this summer and probably the rest of the year is a knit-from-my-stash-cause-i-am-too-broke-and-dont-need-to-buy-more-yarn for me too:rofl:)

05-30-2007, 12:10 PM
I've done really well so far with not buying yarn (271 days and counting) but since I didn't put a limit on fiber - I'm buying lots of roving to spin. It's been really nice to get back into spinning regularly now. I had to stop early last night because my back was starting to hurt. I think I need to work on my posture more when I spin and take breaks to stretch!

This alpaca roving is so soft and it was a challenge to get going but I'm really liking it now. I have some other fibers to try when I'm finished with this pound and I can't wait!