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06-03-2007, 01:18 AM
The question is this. I found a store near my house that is discontinuing a portion of the yarn it sells. Lion brand fun fur, wool ease and a few others. All of this is 60 percent off. I had an idea to make money to buy more yarn. Buy what they had left and sell it for about $1 or $2 more than I paid for it. Make a small profit. Here's my questions:
1. Is that legal??
2. Would people buy fun fur at $2 a skein??
3. Morally speaking...is it O.K.
4. Would anyone here be intersted in buying it if I posted it for sale with pics???


Susan P.
06-03-2007, 02:43 AM
This is one of those problematic and complex questions that, in part, depends on an individual's value system. There is a store near here that is selling large bottles of soft drink at an ultra low price and they have a big sign up saying "no more than six per customer". This is done in order to prevent another shop buying a large amount and adding a profit.

Many stores put limits on low price items for this very reason.

You also need to consider cost of packaging and postage if you sell to others.

In an ideal world we would share info about low cost yarn opportunities and let others take advantage of that. In some cases people would be happy for you to buy on their behalf and add for postage and then perhaps some for your trouble.

It's hard for me to respond to aspects of what you're asking. I guess if you're only going to buy ten or twenty balls at most it might be ok. If you are looking to buy a 100 it changes the scenario.

Does the shop have a purchase limit? Do YOU think what you're suggesting is unethical compared to just telling folks where the store is and what they can purchase themselves? Do you feel the additional cost you're proposing still brings the cost of the yarn below what people would mostly be paying for it?

Legalities aside I think these matters come down to our own conscience, needs and so on.

06-03-2007, 08:00 AM
I don't think it is illegal. After all, stores do not sell items at the price for which they purchase them from the distributor/manufacturer. They raise the cost in order to make profit. Some people may be willing to pay more than others. I definitely wouldn't try to sell them for more than what the original cost at the store was though, I don't think that would be right. If your conscience bothers you, then just sell them at the same price you paid. Maybe you could bundle several skeins together and try to sell them for "best offer" or something. Like, "6 skeins Fun Fur. Best offer accepted". If you don't mind the listing and selling fees on eBay, you could list it there. The only problem though is it may not be bid on at all.

06-03-2007, 08:20 AM
I think if you take a look at ebay, there are alot of people that sell items that they have been able to purchase at reduced costs.

As long as that store has a sale with no limits on amount purchased, I would think you could turn around and resell it. You are not a distributor for the product and are not tied to a contract for retail pricing, so I don't think you need worry.

You are just a consumer that has come across and good deal, and want to profit alittle.

But I wonder how much yarn will be left, when you go back, I know I was looking for the wool ease and found it hard to come by where I live.

Good Luck,

06-03-2007, 08:36 AM
I don't see any problems with your plan. People sell yarn from their stash all the time.

Personally I have lots of fun fur already, but might be interested in some of the others.