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10-29-2007, 02:57 AM
I'm still a novice, so please bear with me.

The Turkish cast on has me intrigued. I worked it out, it's no problem at all. Where I want to go from here is to make, one at a time, a toe up sock. I just don't know where to go from having the toe made. The yarn is a Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, fingering weight. The circular needle is a 2.5 Addi, about 32 inches long that I use as a 'magic loop'. Absolutly NO memory. The person I'm making the socks for has an eight inch ankle.

Can anyone tell me where to go from here? I'd be forever grateful.

10-29-2007, 09:07 AM
Do you have a pattern? or just did the turkish CO?
If not then we need to find you a toe up pattern...:happydance:
if ya do have a pattern then you are ready to start working the toe...:thumbsup:

Here is a pattern from Knitty (http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTuniversalsock.html)the universal toe up sock
Here (http://www.cometosilver.com/socks/2mlsocks_start.htm)is Silvers it has 2 at once but you could work 1 at a time
Here (http://wendyknits.net/knit/FingeringweightSocks.pdf)is a toe up from Wendy (pdf file)
Here (http://www.colorjoy.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=1_22&products_id=36&osCsid=878870669cd8742cefa69ef117344c3a)is a first time toe up pattern you can buy...
If you are on ravelry and type in toe up you get about 3pgs of patterns :teehee:
Since you know what CO you want to do for the toe...just CO the # the pattern calls for using it...and then move onto the other directions...

10-29-2007, 01:19 PM
Dustinac, thank you so much! All the toe up socks I ran into had a 'waste yarn' toe, and I couldn't get beyond that. Decided to use Silver's tutorial, and can't figure out why I didn't see it while doing a search. My only excuse is that I'd been riding herd on a 15 m.o. all day. Unfortunatly, I'm finding out that she is smarter than I am!:mrgreen:

The person I'm making the socks for is a diabetic, if I can get a pair of socks for her that don't have seams in the toe area, she'll be very happy. She gets tired of wearing the same colored socks all the time.

Again, thanks, you're the best!