View Full Version : knitty.com (Fall 2007) and MIB

11-11-2007, 06:38 AM
So I finally remembered to check knitty.com to see what the latest patterns are (I know, I know, it's probably been up for a while, but sometimes I work too much and get too far away from the electronic knitting world). Anyway, I noticed the pattern called Flower Power (the kid is very cute and so is that hat) and I laughed so hard I almost peed myself because it reminded me of something else. Has anyone seen Men In Black II? They go to a subway grate and there is a cute little flower poking up through the grate, and they start to talk to it and kick it. Its name is Jeff. So one of the MIBs pulls on it and then suddenly you see this HUGE worm pop out of the grate and you realize that the flower is a part of this worm, like its antenna. Does anyone think of that when they see that pattern? :teehee: And the last picture where they make the kid lay facedown so you just see the hat and the flower poking up is just precious. :roflhard:

Just had to comment on it. Come to think of it, you could do the hat portion of the patern in brown and green for a worm costume with the flower sticking up for Halloween. I have to remember that...