View Full Version : Burnt Toast Tank

punk knitter
11-14-2007, 06:02 PM
I found this pattern in the back of a knitting novel, and it was called "Buttered Toast Tank", because it was yellow, but i hate yellow. so i made it black, and therefore the name burnt toast!! i thought it was funny:teehee: you actually knit it from the top to the bottom, and then there is giong to be lace at the bottom. i might try to post a pic, but, my computer is kinda slow. but i will try!! its about 5' right now, and i have to start decreasing for the waist soon, so wish me luck:thumbsup:

11-14-2007, 08:02 PM
I know which one you are talking about. I read Chicks with Sticks: It's a purl thing :D and the sequel Knit two together. Such cute books.
I'm sure it's really lovely.