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11-22-2007, 12:02 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!!:mmm: :drool:

I know how to recalculate gauge when double stranding for knitting--multiply the stitches per inch times 0.7, and then double the milimeter size of the recommended needles (for example, if double stranding a yarn that recommends size 7 [4.5mm] needles, you'd need size 13 [9.0mm] needles when double stranding, and if your stitches are 20 stitches per 4", then it would become 14 stitches per 4")--but how does it work for crochet if you're still double stranding yarn?

Is it still double the milimeter size of the hook (for example, if the yarn calls for a H-8 [5.0mm] hook, then I'd use a size N/P-15 [10mm] hook to double strand)?
What about stitches per 4"? If it's usually 12 single crochets per 4", how can I reconfigure this if I'm crocheting double stranded? Is it still multiplying this figure by 0.7, or does that just work for configuring knitting gauge (which in this case, would now give me nearly 8 single crochets)?

11-22-2007, 01:06 PM
I'm not sure of an exact formula for crochet, but your assumptions sound about right. I'm thinking about some things I made with kitchen cotton. Single stranded I used an H-8, and triple stranded I used a P or Q. My stitch count went from about 15 to about 10 for 4 inches. I crochet fairly tightly, so I'm always swatching to get gauge...

I'll see if I can dig out my Crochet Answer book and see if there is a happy little formula...