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04-14-2008, 11:50 AM
DH is making me a swift. He wants to make a ball winder, too, though I keep telling him I can probably buy one cheaper then he can make it. Anyway, he continues on, I think more for the challenge and fun of it.

I've seen a few references to winding balls onto cone/core or empty toilet paper rolls. How necessary is that? Or do you typically wind right onto the winder w/out anything else?

The royal model I would probably buy: http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog.jsp?CATID=cat2874&PRODID=prd36107&source=search looks like you would just wind onto the winder - it is smooth so the ball would slide right off.

But the one he's looking at to copy: http://lisaboyer.com/Claytonsite/yarnpackagepage.htm
http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog.jsp?CATID=cat2874&PRODID=prd36107&source=search looks like it has grooves on it that might make it harder to remove the ball if you don't use a core.

So those of you w/ a ball winder - what do you do??

04-14-2008, 11:55 AM
I always wind directly onto the winder. (I have the less exp model from Joann's and works great.) The yarn slips off very easily as the spindle has a very slight taper. I've done yarns of various fibers, string, etc.


04-14-2008, 02:36 PM
My hubby built a swift for me for our anniversary earlier this month, not a "pretty" as the one in the Boyer plan, but it works wonderfully well. I have the cheap ball winder from Joann, as well, bought with the 40% off coupon, cost ~$30 total, including shipping. The ball winder works, but it does bind up when working with a more "tense" yarn, such as a 100% cotton, which can be annoying. Plus my arm gets really tired, as I have tendinitis in both wrists and a bum shoulder. So, my hubby is now convinced that he must build me a motorized ball winder - LOL! (Hubby is a mechanic by trade, so of course, something with my knitting just has to involve motor power!)


04-14-2008, 03:52 PM
The ball winder works, but it does bind up when working with a more "tense" yarn, such as a 100% cotton, which can be annoying.

I've done a ton of cottons (recycled thrift sweaters) and not ever had that happen. If anything, it sometimes spins so fast I fear the ball flying off. Hmmm.


04-14-2008, 07:03 PM
I have the Royal...never had a problem with it and wonder why in the world I never got one sooner...best thing I've bought second to my motorcycle.