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04-23-2008, 10:58 PM
I sent off a large batch of crocheted rectangles for the HAP project; that is something I plan to do forever or til there is no longer a need. And I'm looking for a simple slipper pattern to crochet for the same group.

I have finished 3 crocheted purses and am about to start another. The proceeds will go to a charity.

I recently also finished a prayer shawl in a luscious icy blue eyelash yarn, realy sumptuous, and the recipient loved it! Don't have a picture of it though. Later on I will be doing another similar one but in a different color.

And I'm getting set to start a sweater for myself; yes! actually something for me for a change. It's a neat great feeling yarn called Decadence by Yarn Bee. Bulky weight fur-type with slubs of several colors running along a bright turquoise yarn that is wrapped in several colors including black. It's a bulky weight but from my samples it seems to work up fairly lightweight to wear.

I have a new digital camera but don't know how to use it yet. As soon as I can I'll take some pics of this stuff.

I am often called the Bag Lady because I also have a tote bag of some sort with me. Have to have some place to put my knitting.


04-24-2008, 08:13 AM
Good for you, Bonnie- the Charitable Bag Lady! Can't wait to see the pictures! Sounds like you're a Super knitter, too!

04-24-2008, 10:04 AM
:happydance: Can't wait to see your pictures!!