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04-23-2008, 11:05 PM
Could someone give me a list of the abbreviations useed here? The only one I know is ISO - in search of. Thanx.

04-23-2008, 11:16 PM
BRB -- be right back (used in chat mostly)
BTW -- By the way

dec -- decrease (decrease a stitch in your knitting, see basic techniques)

D(followed by another capitol letter) commonly refers to a relation, such as one's "Dear Son." So:
DB -- Dear brother/boss/other relation whose significance starts with 'B'
DBF -- Dear boyfriend
DD --Dear daughter
DDIL -- Dear daughter-in-law
DGD -- Dear granddaughter
DGS -- Dear grandson
DH -- Dear husband
DS -- Dear son
DSE -- Dear spousal equivalent
DSO -- Dear significant other
DW -- Dear wife
*D might also refer to another D word, depending on the mood of the poster...Darling, Darned, etc.

ETA -- Edited to Add (used in a post when someone goes in to edit their post later)
EZ -- Elizabeth Zimmermann, the renouned knitting teacher and author

FO -- Finished object (*related to UFO, Unfinished Object)
FROG -- Frog is used quite often when an item is ripped out. Comes from "rip it, rip it" sounding like ribbit. Incidently, I made our frogging emoticon, using the knitter emoticon as a base. I'm very proud of it. :frog:
FWIW -- For what it's worth

GMTA -- great minds think alike

HTH -- Hope this helps

inc -- increase (add a stitch in your knitting, see basic techniques section)
IMO -- In my opinion
IMHO -- In my humble opinion
IMHBUO -- In my humble (but unerring) opinion
IMNSHO -- In my not so humble opinion

K -- Knit
KH -- KnittingHelp.com :wink:
KIP -- Knitting in public
KP -- Knitpicks.com
KWIM -- Know what I mean?

LOL -- Laughing out loud (*see also ROFL)
LYS -- Local yarn shop

MIA -- Missing In Action (gone from the boards long enough to be noticed as missing)

OMG -- Oh My God/Goodness
OT -- off topic

PITA - Pain in the *ss
POV -- point of view
P -- Purl

ROFL -- Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLM*O -- Rolling on the floor laughing my asterisk off

SEX -- Stash enhancement (e)xpedition
SnB -- Stitch N B!tch (refers to an SnB group of people, or the book)
SO -- significant other

TIA -- Thanks in advance
TINK -- knit, spelled backwards, means to un-knit (frog)

UFO -- Unfinished object

WIP -- Work in progress
WOTA -- Wool of the Andes (http://www.knitpicks.com/Cart/PartnerRedirect.asp?pid=51&kid=475) yarn (buying via that link or one of our ads supports this site, thanks!)
WYIF -- With yarn in front
WYIB -- With yarn in back

YO -- yarn over, an increase.

04-24-2008, 01:16 PM
If you look at the sticky threads at the top of the general page, there's a thread with all those (& lots more) abbreviations.