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06-21-2008, 04:59 PM
I decided early this morning I was going to get a bunch of stuff done today, finishing up the garage that I started yesterday (not done yet), cleaning out hubby's office (worked on but not done yet), hanging up pictures (worked on but not done yet) and I weed whacked the backyard some(nope, not done yet and I hate that thing!). After I was done, I was in the house washing my hands and my oldest (6) comes in and tells me that Calvin (dog) was in the process of killing a mouse. So I go out there and call him to me in which he drops what he had in his mouth and comes here. I tie him to the backyard tie down and find out that it is a newborn baby bunny!:pout: Poor little thing was dead, no life so I took care of the body and went searching for more.

I had a feeling the nest was behind a row of cypress trees next to the fence and it was. I saw the bunny hair (moms pull hair from belly for the nest) and grass and moved it around gently and there were at least 2 more live bunnies there. I covered them up as good as I could and took the dog inside for the rest of the day. But then it was bothering me, she used to live under the shed but I think a ground hog may have kicked her out. We have a big storm coming and I do not want her and her babies to get wet. So there is a old square wheel barrel body in the backyard and we have big crates, I set the wheel barrel body on the crates over the nest, she has plenty of room to come in and they will be dry for the storm.

Now I just have to hope that the momma will come back for the babies.Crossed Fingers And anyone know how to get a ground hog out from under a shed?:tap:

06-21-2008, 09:30 PM
And anyone know how to get a ground hog out from under a shed?:tap:

Borrow a Dachshund. Seriously! They were bred with those short legs and great big attitude to follow badgers into their dens. They'll go into a groundhog den just as willingly...and I never saw a dachshund that would pass up the chance to chase something. After beign harassed by the dog a time or two the 'hog will move on.

Just be sure to wait til the bunnies are able to hightail it out of the yard too!

06-21-2008, 10:48 PM
now I wish my Great Dane mix was a dachshund!