View Full Version : HUUUGE Raffle for medical missionaries in need...

07-08-2008, 06:11 PM
Family members of Susan - the primary shepherdess at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farms - are in need of some serious help. Susan's Uncle Jan and Aunt Shirley are medical missionaries (surgeon and surgical nurse), who have dedicated the past 20 yrs and most of their worldly goods to doing medical missionary work around the world.

Recently Jan was helping cut tree limbs for his church, and fell 15 ft - breaking his neck and spine and subsequently becoming paralyzed. To help them out Susan has put up a huge raffle, which has in turn grown tremendously with others' donations, for a $10 donation on her blog:


... where you can read the whole story and see more pics of the prizes. She's just trying to cover the cost of a wheelchair for Jan, but they will need much much more to retrofit the house, amongst other expenses.

There's also a thread on Ravelry here:



Please help these good folks, who have selflessly given their lives and potential earnings to help others in need :hug: