View Full Version : Dying cotton

07-20-2008, 04:23 AM
I am taking part in the Olympic wash cloth KAL starting Aug 8th, and am getting my cotton yarn ready.

My MIL have given me a lot of cotton she used to knit an afghan which is off white/Ecru and I want to dye it using Dylon. I was wondering if I can make up the dye solution, lay the yarn out and dye it different colours laying out rather than soaking.

Sorry if that is not clear. If I soak the cotton then I will get only one colour and I would like to get the kids involved and see what colour combinations they come up with and then knit them a wash cloth out of their creations. So was wondering if you can use it to spray the dye where you want it and just lay it on plastic sheeting to soak in the colour? I think I have to mix salt into the dye mix to make it permanent?

Any suggestions?