View Full Version : Does this knitted pattern or stitch look familiar?

Ann in NH
08-07-2008, 07:34 PM
Does anyone recognize this knitted towel pattern?, or the stitch it's knitted in?
'Click' link: http://www.kcknittinganddesign.com/files/1615594/uploaded/4dishcloths.jpg

08-07-2008, 11:31 PM
it looks like double seed stitch to me

08-08-2008, 12:11 PM
I looked through all 4 volumes of Barbara Walker and Vogue Stitionary Vol 1 (the others are cables and color) and the closest to it is an alternating single brioche. But that still isn't quite it. I wonder if it's the photo?. . .it looks a little different on the right side of the cloth, from the left. Where did you get it from? Anyone to contact?