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08-29-2008, 02:09 AM
Hello, I am looking for an afghan pattern that is a one piece with diamonds. It has a ruffled edging. My mother had the pattern and made it for a gift in 1985. We had a house fire and lost the pattern. She also has since passed. Would really like to find this pattern. Attached is a picture. If anyone has the pattern and would be willing to send it to me I would greatly 49784appreciate it.

08-29-2008, 10:25 AM
Sorry, son't have the pattern, but from the picture it looks as if you dc in 7 chs to start, then it looks like skip 2 chins, (which makes the holes) dc in 7, skip 2 to end of row-then you probably dc in last ch. In subsequent rows, it looks as if you dc in one less stitch, skip 2, dc in 6 and continue on; then increase the number you dc into for the middle of the diamond. Does this make any sense?? LOL Maybe if you count the stitches you dc and skip in the finished afghan you could make a swatch that resembles or matches it. Good Luck, it is very pretty.

09-08-2008, 02:53 PM

I think you have a good start on the pattern with one exception. :think: Row one appears to be different from the other four rows. I think it is a ch 3 sk 3 gap and there are only five rows that repeat 1,*2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1* for the length desired.


Foundation chain:
Length will be multiples of ten plus two chains and plus chains for your turning chain (which will count as first dc of next row.) (Isn't it two chains for a dc turn?) This pattern is for a swatch three diamonds wide, so it would need a 35 chain foundation. (Note: I added one more ch for the half gap that starts row one.)

Row 1:
DC in sixth chain from hook *dc in next 7 chains, ch 3 skip next 3* repeat from * to * once more then finish with 7 dc in next 7 chains ch 1 sk 1 dc in last chain.

Row 2:
ch 2 (counts as first dc), * ch 2 sk 2, dc in next 5 dc, ch 2 sk 2, dc * repeat to end of row.

Row 3:
ch 2 (first dc), dc in first chain, * ch 2 sk 2, dc in each dc next 3 st, * repeat four more times (until one dc and ch4 remain at end of previous row), ch 2 sk 2, dc in 2nd chain remaining, dc in third chain remaining (top of the ch2 that counts as previous rows first dc).

Row 4:
Ch 2, dc in next 2 st of previous row, * ch 2 sk 2, dc in center dc of peak, ch 2 sk 2, dc in next 5 st, * repeat between * twice more, finish with dc in last peak, ch 2 sk 2, dc in each of last three st of previous row (ch, dc, & top of ch 2).

Row 5:

ch 2, dc in next three st, * ch 3 sk 3, dc in next 7 st, * repeat once between *, ch 3 sk 3, dc in each of last four st of previous row.

Repeat rows in the following order * 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 * and then repeat that pattern of row until length of afghan is reached.

I would end on a row 1 repeat.

I do not recognize the edging other than it is a ruffle.

I would try ...

Ruffle edge

Round 1:
sc in each stitch across end, * 2sc in corner, two sc for each row along row ends, * 2 sc in corner, sc in each st across starting ch/row, repeat between * for remaining side, join to first edge sc with sl st.

Round 2:
Ch 3 (counts as first dc and ch 1), dc in same st as sl st, ch 1, * dc, ch 1, dc in next sc, ch 1* repeat between * for each sc around sl st to 2nd chain that started round.

Round 3:
Dc, ch1, dc in each st round, join with sl st as with round 2, cut yarn and weave in end.


That is my best guess. Use a ruler to measure the existing afghan for gauge and select yarn and hook sizes to match gauge.

Does that sound and look about right?

(:think: It might be better to rework the pattern to start and end row 1 in the middle of each diamond pattern rather than with the gaps.)

--Jack :guyknitting: